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Ivan Sarić

An entire century has passed since the takeoff of Ivan Sarić’s first self-made airplane. This kind of extraordinary triumph of the human will had not been seen in Subotica before. The prevailing small-town atmosphere of the time showed contempt for creativity and originality, and preferred uniformity, tradition and routines. Even though as a clerk Sarić was part of this world, the competitive spirit he developed through sport in his youth led him to research and design. This successful combination of competitiveness and creativity culminated on 16 October 1910, when thousands of people in Subotica marched out to see this audacious eccentric. When his common sense (and the strong wind) implied that he should postpone his plan, he tossed a coin and decided to take off. Decades later, as a castaway doomed to oblivion, he was remembering this overwhelming and glorious moment.

We have set up an exhibition presenting one of the most significant citizens of Subotica in order to recall people’s memories, and in a way make up for the recognition Ivan Sarić missed in his lifetime.

Mirko Grlica

Download the content of the exhibition:
Ivan Sarić (PDF)

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