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Gyula Ortutay

Gyula Ortutay – a Hungarian folklorist of international fame, politician, important public figure and also creator of a personality investigation method known as the “Hungarian” or “Budapest” school of folktale research – was born in Subotica a hundred years ago on 24 March 1910. In spite of the fact that Ortutay had lived in Szeged since his childhood and later in Budapest, he still had multiple connections with his birthplace, Subotica, as well as with the Vojvodian scientific life. In our work we present the Vojvodian connections of Ortutay’s biography. After a short overview of the researcher’s work we discuss his connections with his birthplace, fieldworks in Vojvodina, lectures given in this area, contacts with researchers from here, as well as the publications of commemorations at Ortutay issued here after his death.

Museum of Bačka Topola

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