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Faces of Time – Portraits in the Art Collection of the Municipal Museum in Subotica

This exhibition for the first time reveals a selection of portraits from an art collection that includes all techniques of visual arts: oil paintings, aquarelles, pastels, graphics, drawings, sculptures, medals and plaques. The works, created mainly in Subotica and its wider surroundings within a period of 200 years, represent a panopticon of people from various eras – kings, queens, mayors, town officials, men of letters, etc. (e.g.. the empress Maria Theresia, regent Aleksandar Karađorđević, mayors of the 19th century, Endre Ady, Miroslav Krleža, Ambrozije Šarčević, Tito, etc.), as well as nobles, citizens, peasants and their children, even the painters and sculptors themselves. Among the artists are prominent people of Subotica and also portraitists (e.g. Aksentije Marodić, Antal Szirmai, Jelena Čović, Géza Csáth, Sándor Oláh, Lukács Gyelmis, Dorđe Bošan, Gábor Almási, Ana Bešlić, Jovan Dević, Imre Vinkler, Imre Sáfrány, etc.), even artists who were of national importance (e.g. Nikola Aleksić, Baković Stejapan, Dezső Cigány, Lajos Husvét, Károly Jakobi, Paja Jovanović, Károly Kernstok, László Laub, Đura Pecić, József Pehan, Novak Radonić, József Schmidt, Mór Than, etc). We can also find works of lesser known, but diligent artists, who often visited the town in order to paint portraits.

By looking at the exhibits, we can see that the portraits of the museum collection are not only works of art that reflect stylistic changes and individual circumstances of the authors or the wishes of the customer, but they are also historical, cultural documents, that provide insight into various segments, such as fashion trends in clothing, hair- and frame style. At the same time, through this exhibition we perceive diversity and inventiveness in the multiple solutions of this primary and always timely theme, one of the basic artistic preoccupations through centuries and a bond between customers, artists and the viewers.

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